Fostering through Family First Fostering Agency

Fostering can be hard work at times, but is extremely rewarding. We recruit, assess, train and support our foster carers to ensure they are capable of providing a high quality foster care placement that can make a difference to a young person’s life.

We provide our foster carers with 24-hour support, regular training, and a generous weekly financial allowance. By looking after our carers, we enable them to focus entirely on helping the young people in their care to reach their potential.

What is Foster Care?

Fostering involves caring for a child or young person and providing them with a safe family environment in your own home in the event that it is no longer viable for them to remain in their family home. There are many reasons that can cause a child to become looked after by the local authority, and thereafter come into foster care, including such circumstances as a family breakdown, illness, or a situation where the child’s welfare is threatened.

Foster Carer’s Role

The primary aim for a foster carer is to provide a stable and reliable family environment where the young person or child can work towards achieving their potential. We value development in young people and children, and also in their careers. We provide regular training and support groups to all our foster carers and we also have a 24-hour free phone helpline so that no foster carer need ever feel alone.


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