Types Of Foster Care Placements

When you decide to become a foster-carer, there are various forms of foster care placements that you can provide when it comes to looking after children. These include:

  • Emergency placements – these are defined as being same-day placements (within 24-hours). The agency should receive a brief synopsis of the young person’s behaviour and placement history, which should be accompanied by a recent report either from the Social Worker or the last placement.
  • Short- and medium-term placements – where a child is expected to return home or move onto a permanent adoptive/foster home.
  • Short-term placement – between 1-week and 3-months. Medium-term placements will be three- to six-months.
  • Long-term placements – the child/young person is expected to remain in the placement until independence.
  • Respite placements – the family are supported by a regular break, often due to a crises within the family. This is usually for 2-days up to 6-weeks.
  • Remand and challenging behaviour placements – these carers will have received training and have gained experience working with young people who exhibit challenging behaviour.
  • Mother and baby placements – these usually consist of a young woman and her young infant who are looked after. Often the placements are used to assess parenting skills and the ability of the parent to keep her baby safe and properly cared for.

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